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LED Projection lihgt
LED wall washer
LED underground light
LED Corrugated light
LED underwater light
LED outdoor wall lamp
LED Point source light
LED guardrail light

Drive split wall washer

The lamp body adopts precision aluminum housing, gold anodized or electrostatic spray treatment, exquisite appearance design, convenient installation, high-end atmosphere, acid and alkali resistance, and high UV resistance. , External drive power, waterproof heat better, ultra energy-saving and prolong life. , Compatible with DMX512 control, achieving color synchronization gradient, chasing and other different light effects 【More】


LED Narow beam floodlight

High-grade car aluminum shell, exquisite shape, first-class heat dissipation, high quality COB light engine, providing stable light output, exclusive light distribution technology, ultra-high light utilization, ultra-low power, ultra-long range of 10 to 30 meters, ultra-high light efficiency, long Life-span, maintenance-free, realizing light-free lighting effects, creating a non-ordinary horizon-sighted enjoyment 【More】

Narrow beam COB light 30W
Narrow beam COB light 40W

LED Corrugated Light

The lamp body adopts high-strength aluminum material, which is highly efficient, energy-saving, and has a long service life. The surface is anti-aging golden electrostatic spray treatment, high grade, strong corrosion resistance. Colorful external controls can be customized, changing colorful, running water, dreamy effects. Humanized structural design, light fixture installation and maintenance easier. 【More】


Hong Lin lighting - focus on building LED outdoor lighting industry leading brand!

Honglin lighting professionally creates high-quality LED lighting fixtures to protect customers' lighting effects


Manufacturer of LED application products integrating R & D and production

Good quality and affordable price, enjoy high reputation among customers

High-quality technical team develops new special-function lighting products

Professional team with many years of R&D experience

Professional production line to ensure the fine workmanship of all products

Satisfy customer's request!

Preferential policy for discounted and rebate for old customers

Purchases within a year will reach a certain amount and will be given a discount

Diversified product styles.


There is no delay in delivery on time.

Mature supply chain system, strict control of raw material quality

Flexible delivery cycle to solve customer's delivery time requirements in time

Mature after-sales system

Professional customer service helps customer selection before sales to protect customer engineering requirements

All products have quality problems, provide warranty replacement service

HIGH QUALITY LED LIGHT SOURCE AND A SOLUTIONProduct applicationProvided by customers

Bridge brighten
Historic building
Hotel project lightin
XiuJiang River Bridge
The bridge of the Yashili
Qinghai Xining Mafang Viaduct
Wuding Lion Mountain Scenic Spot Lighting
Guzhen Wuzhen
Wu Hua Shan, Wuan, Handan
Heihe City
Maiji District, Tians
Suzhou District, Jiuquan

a good product design is better!The essence of lighting design is the perfect integration of light and degree. The free custom lighting effect picture lets you worry.

Celebrate Honglin lighting engineering service cooperation project with 1,000 people

Honglin Lighting - LED Lighting PRODUCTS SUPPLIER
  • 9 years of professional production experience

  • 1000 Cases of Large-scale Project Service Experience

  • Has ISO9001 international quality system certification, CCC certification, CQC certification and energy conservation certification

  • Provide pre-light selection, illumination design, illumination calculation, energy saving calculation, reasonable lighting and other services

  • For large-scale projects and large-area lights, there is a wealth of experience in the matching of light sources and electrical parameters.

  • Interchanging light sources and electrical appliances with major international brands and domestic brands can achieve compatibility and match

  • Through the matching of parameters, the lighting effects of the same quality products are optimized and most stable

  • The rational design of the structural parts of the lamp allows the beam angle to be made more precise and achieve the best lighting effect

  • Customize non-standard products according to requirements

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LED professional manufacturer Ten million well-known companies to choose!

  Honglin Lighting is a high- end brand affiliated to Jiangmen Honglin Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Since the establishment of the company, our company has newly designed the heat dissipation structure of the LED lamp housing, the optimization of the driving power supply, the accurate distribution of the optical system, and the complete closure. Waterproof test, continuous exploration and innovation, has become one of the professional manufactures of large-scale LED lighting lighting products in China. It is a dynamic and innovative type dedicated to the research, development, manufacture, sales and service of LED lighting applications. Enterprises, to provide our clients with LED lighting system professional solutions and services.

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